Ideal Audience: Entrepreneurs, Marketing Teams, Sales Teams and Direct Sales, Small Business Owners


During this interactive workshop, participants will learn that they can turn every networking opportunity into a marketing machine. From making business acquaintances that will clamor to connect with you or creating a deep well of referrals, you can master networking and make it mutually beneficial.

Participants walk away with new insights which they can start applying immediately to build and grow their businesses.

Half-Day Workshops run 4 hours with a morning break.  Full-Day Workshops run 8 hours with a morning, afternoon and lunch break.

Learning Objectives:

  • The simple reason ...networking hasn't worked for you before and how purpose and perspective will change the way you network.

  • How asking the right questions can help you instantly break ice and remain top of mind (and help you figure out if someone "lines up" with your professional archetype!)

  • The underutilized "card combo" that is CRUCIAL in creating lasting impressions -- this guerrilla customer service technique makes you instantly memorable.

  • Define your own significance and what that means to your prospective clients.

A Few More Things...

Recording Of Programs:

You may record Berta’s presentations at no additional charge as long as:

  • No reproduction of the recordings are sold;
  • Any recordings are used for internal and promotional purposes only;
  • Dreamers Succeed will be provided with a copy of any recorded program for promotional use.  

Virtual Program:

Berta offers a Virtual Program Option where budget limitations do not allow for in-person program fee.  Please contact our office at 954.274.3875 for pricing.


In an effort to facilitate your efforts, Berta proposes a flat travel fee of $750 including flight, hotel and meals for domestic travel (in the U.S.)  For international arrangements, please contact our office at 954.274.3875 for pricing.