Positive Impact: Nekane De Leniz


Positive Impact is a weekly spotlight that focuses on individuals and organizations who improve the lives of others. It is a direct challenge to the constant negativity  of the modern era— a case-in-point for hope and compassion. For each Positive Impact segment, we ask guests to answer a few questions and share their message with us.

Favorite Quote:
 “Being happy is more than an EXPERIENCE, it's a CHOICE!” 

Favorite sound:  The sound of nature.

Nekane De Leniz is a spiritual renaissance woman, and she comes at a time when she's needed most. In a world where life feeds us knowledge and challenges at lightning speed, it's hard to connect with ourselves. "It is true that the Planet is going through many changes," reads the introduction to her website -- and how right she is. Where technology and time management have overtaken deep connections and relaxation, a voice like Nekane's stands out.

Whether she's coaching others through the process of spiritual awakening or helping people revitalize their self-esteem, Nekane has a knack for compassion and inner peace that makes her a magnetic individual. It's a wonder how she finds the time for herself between all her projects, but maybe that's what makes her so spectacular -- she is selflessly dedicated to enriching the lives of others. (Which, I'm sure, enriches her own.)

What's the message you'd like to share with the world? 

Life is a gift, and we were given that gift to live it with passion, minute by minute. Choose to always see the good in things and appreciate all that you have and all that the universe is saving for you. You deserve it! Always be grateful. Live with compassion and generosity. The universe is always generous to us.

It doesn't matter if the glass if half full or half empty -- I appreciate having the glass at all!


Something most people don’t know about her: "Sometimes being happy comes at a great cost to me."

One-word description: LOVE

Website: http://nekaneonline.com

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