Positive Impact: Jacelyne Garcia


Positive Impact is a weekly spotlight that focuses on individuals and organizations who improve the lives of others. It is a direct challenge to the constant negativity  of the modern era— a case-in-point for hope and compassion. For each Positive Impact segment, we ask guests to answer a few questions and share their message with us.

Favorite Quote: 
"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

Favorite sound:  The sound of the ocean

At Wild Aperture, a photography studio based in Florida, Jacelyne Garcia frames her subjects on the most powerful backdrop any artist could ask for: nature.

She has a great admiration for the wilderness, and it shows in the way she illuminates people through breathtaking usage of their surroundings. Through her photography and videography, Garcia captures the spirit of adventure that's dormant in everyone -- that immutable connection we have to the world around us. But the most powerful aspect she captures with her photography is love. Wild Aperture focuses on weddings and elopements for adventurous couples.

To immortalize these powerful emotions is no easy task, but Garcia has an eye for authenticity. The wilderness helps center people -- it's a place that naturally boosts the link between us and the world and others.  She uses that serenity to capture the magnetic force between people, and it's powerful indeed.

Who is your biggest role model? Why?

My mother is my role model. She is extremely motivated to live her best life and passions with determination. She accomplishes every dream she has ever dreamt and encourages people to do the same through her successful coaching business.

What's the message you'd like to share with the world? 

We all face difficult decisions at some point in our lives. Sometimes we make our choices based on others' feelings and opinions because we feel selfish. But remember, there's a difference between being selfish and respecting yourself and your desires. Always follow your passion and highest excitement -- your world will drastically transform into the life of your dreams when you choose yourself.

Something most people don’t know about her: "I want to discover something fascinating in the wilderness."

Website: http://wildaperturearts.com

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