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Positive Impact is a weekly spotlight that focuses on individuals and organizations who improve the lives of others. It is a direct challenge to the constant negativity  of the modern era— a case-in-point for hope and compassion. For each Positive Impact segment, we ask guests to answer a few questions and share their message with us.

Favorite sound: Wind chimes lazily sounding in the breeze

Favorite quotes (including author of the quote):

"There is no Greater Thing you can do with your life and your work than Follow Your Passions in a way that serves the World AND you." Sir Richard Branson

"​... More than wealth or fancy titles or a lot of contacts, it's our capacity to connect around each other's better side and bring it out." Kare Anderson

Something most people don't know about you: 

I graduated with Business as my 10th declared major. I switched to that major when I only had 2 classes left to earn a diploma in Psychology.

Who is your role model? Why? 

Ellen DeGeneres. She overcame so much and still has an positive upbeat personality that she generously shares with others.

About Steffany Lee: 

Stef Lee is dedicated to empowering patients and the health professionals that serve them. She builds powerful nutrition-focused health systems based on patient needs and practitioner goals. Modern medicine saves lives, but there are also powerful, non-medical solutions to many of our most common health problems.

Patients who prefer a more natural approach to health get the most out of Stef's customized nutritional health platforms, and it gives practitioners a more sustainable approach to helping their patients.

It's about responsibility — giving people the tools and mentality that will help them take control of their health. Stef uses multiple holistic tools to ensure the lasting health of patients. When she creates a program, she implements methods and supplements like DNA testing, nutraceuticals, and weight loss weight management programs.

And Stef takes just as much responsibility in her implementation. After she customizes her health programs, she implements the moving parts for the staff and practitioners, giving them the smoothest introduction possible.

Stef Lee's approach to health is equal parts proactive and reparative, and that preventative mindset saves lives.

Organization Website: HealthProsBusinessSolutions.com

What message would you like to share with the world?

Do what makes you happy and feel purposeful. The world needs you and what only you can give.

Instagram: @a_positive_force


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