About Mondays…

“I thought about wishing you a ‘happy Monday!’ but that’s like saying ‘enjoy your root canal’”. – Garfield (the Cat)

My Mom is one of the most hard-working people I’ve ever known.

She’d finished her studies to become a teacher in Cuba when king of assholes, fidel castro (lower case on purpose) came along. Like so many others, she was "encouraged" to flee and find a new home in Miami in 1965.

Here's a great combo to motivate someone to find work:
Get married. Get pregnant. Have a husband that returns to Cuba while you're pregnant.

My mother found herself in need of work. Without the benefit of time or finances to get her teaching degree in the USA, she took up a job as a maid at a hotel.

After a stint at the hotel, she found a better position with benefits, a pension, and all the other perks in what Cubans refer to as 'factory work.' She worked at that factory until she retired. It was the only job she had that I ever had to chance to understand as I grew older.

Thankfully, our family was also in the US and also tight-knit. It included my grandparents, my aunt (the family chauffeur, for lack of a better word) and three cousins. There was a lot of help for the two of us.


Throughout the entire 25 years she worked her factory job, she dreaded Mondays so much so that she dreaded Sundays.

Here is, in a nutshell, the typical weekend for her:

• Saturday morning to late afternoon – try to squeeze in everything that needed to get done all week. 

• Saturday evening – cry about the fact that tomorrow was Sunday, which meant she was only one day away from Monday
• Sunday – spend the entire day preparing and ironing her clothes for the workweek, making sure she had all food ready for lunches, and set her alarm clock for 5:00 am.

Her hatred for Mondays was fervent. When she'd take a vacation, rarely two weeks in a row, she'd start her Friday blissful about the week ahead.

That Saturday, the clock was already ticking.

By Sunday, she was already worrying about the fact that seven days from then, she'd have to get ready for work on the following Monday.

I understand that she may not have felt she had many choices. Our whole tribe at the time was on the same boat (for the most part) and there wasn't a whole lot of encouragement in that time to "follow your bliss" or whatever the new term is.

Like so many other exiled Cubans, she was in survival mode. Makes sense, on account of the fact that when you're trying to survive, it takes precedence over everything else.

But, of course, I'm not just talking about my mother, and I'm not just talking about the epoch, either. So many people I know have lost their ability to even enjoy a vacation because they know eventually it’s going to come to an end.

But why do people hate Mondays?

Do you hate Mondays?

Chances are that Monday never did anything to anyone. They're just there.

What people really can't stand are their jobs.

Monday is just an innocent, unlucky act that follows the reprieve of the weekend. That difficult transition between relaxing and getting back into the swing of things is pretty traumatic for a lot of people.


First things first – if we agree to lay down our pitchforks against Mondays and admit that its our jobs we dislike, the answer is to do something about it.

If you weren't jobbing at your job, what would you be doing?

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen or sit at your keyboard and start writing things down. What would it look like if you weren’t jobbing at your job next Monday? If just the thought of not jobbing at your job brings a smile to your face, maybe it's time to pivot.

Do you like what you do? If you do, can you do it elsewhere?

Do you have a resume? Can you dust one off and tweak it or pay a professional to clean it up for you?

Can you start looking around? Can you talk to people you know and trust about the possibility of other options?

Do you feel like you're in control of your life?

If you hate your job, you’re letting other people (or life) make your decisions for you. I know it seems harsh and, to some of us, it feels like there's no way out. But you can't let life bully you. Let me put it like this: if you have to beg someone for permission to go to your kid’s award ceremony or afternoon recital, you’re not in control of your life.

What are your options?

What can you do without? Assess how much you really need in your life. Are the things you buy and the place you live at necessary for your happiness? Can you downsize or change your habits to make room for doing what you love firstand gaining financial freedom second?

People ain't whistlin' dixie when they say you can turn your passion into a business. If it wasn't true, YouTubers wouldn't be making millions by producing ridiculous content or playing videogames for a living. The money always follows the passion. Find out what you're really passionate about and see how you can turn it into a business.

Are you able to build your business up (current or future) while you have the security (if that even exists) of your current job right now?

There is always time. You'll find that if something is important enough, other things will fall away and leave you with just enough time to follow your passions. If you can work between devoting time to your family, friends, and your passion, you've got a winning combination.

Not only will you feel more financially secure; you’ll have a renewed sense of vigor and excitement.

You’ll find that Mondays don't suck anymore because you are working toward something you want instead of racing the rats.

I promise you that if you do what you love, you’ll never again have a problem with Mondays.

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