Eugenio Jaramillo Speaker Spotlight

Eugenio Jaramillo will be our first keynote presenter at our Speaker Connect January 26th, 2019 event. He'll be covering four invaluable soft skills to advance your career. We're so excited to have him teach us the skills that have brought him success and joy throughout his life.

For those who don't know, a "purple squirrel" is what it sounds like -- something you're quite unlikely or particularly lucky to see in your lifetime. In the world of business, it refers to a candidate who perfectly fits a very particular role -- a prospective employer's dream.

Technically precise and engaging in equal measure, Eugenio Jaramillo brings an expertise to match his energy on stage. It's an attention to detail one would expect from an aviation construction director that spanned a 25-year career in the industry. We asked Eugenio to give us a look into his "why," the things that drive him, and the way he sees the world around him.

"God has been preparing me all along to be a speaker. First, as the eldest of six siblings. I was their first teacher. Second, training college kids to sell knives. Third, as a yoga instructor. Fourth, as an adjunct professor. Fifth, as the chief trainer at the firm that I worked at for 25 years. Last, Toastmasters. It has been a real eye-opener that I can impact and influence people's lives with my voice."

Talk about a purple squirrel! Eugenio's life experiences paint a picture of someone born to teach. This is surely the spark of connectivity in his finely-tuned messages. We also asked Eugenio what he'd like to contribute to the world at large. Eugenio's answer is an elegant testament to our collective ability to leave a lasting impact with the most powerful tool at our disposal -- our voice.

"To do good, no matter what, to the people and the parts of the planet that I come into contact with -- and to do it all the time, unconditionally.

That's the kind of perspective and sense of wonder that gives Eugenio his captivating stage presence -- something we'll all have a chance to see first-hand at our Inspire & Thrive event in January 2019.

If you're ready to get inspired and start thriving, join us to hear this excellent speaker at Art Serve on January 26th.

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