So it’s the New Year… Now What?

Why is it that, no matter how many times we’ve watched that ball drop, it always feels new?

Now that the confetti has settled, the champagne has run dry, and all grapes accounted for, what do we do now?

Are you the type who hits the ground running? The mythical January 1st "morning person?" Or will you, like most of us, let the the dust settle and use the excuse that you'll start next week (I'm not blaming you, by the way. We've all done that).

Whichever side of the coin you identify with, the one thing you need is a plan for 2019. As a coach, people often come to me with a sense of stucknessthey can’t quite shake. It's often a catharsis -- a point where their soul is reaching out to say, "I've had enough of this, I'm capable of more, I just don't know what to do now."

When people approach me for coaching, I already know they're ahead of the game. They've already made a decision to change, and coaching is the most powerful place to start.

Indecision is paralyzing and deadly – ask any of those hundreds of flat squirrels you’ve seen on the asphalt during road trips.

The coach-coachee partnership is a commitment to adventure. It revolves around uncovering and discovering, demolishing and rebuilding, and unleashing potential that will change your life.

My prayer for you in 2019 is that you COMMIT:

• Commit to leaving behind any thoughts or limitations which no longer serve you.

• Commit to bringing with you those ‘lessons’ you learned in 2018 which, albeit hard to learn, will serve you in the future.

• Commit to letting go of toxic relationships.

• Commit to being kind to yourself and stop putting up with people who aren’t.

• Commit to stop making excuses for yourself or others.

 • Commit to spending more time with people who set your soul on fire and less time with energy-suckers.

• Commit to bringing out the best in others and be around those who do the same for you.

• Commit to seizing negative self-talk immediately and create those affirmations you’ve been putting off for too long.

• Commit to your race and keep phucking going.

• Commit to watching what you feed yourself – mind, body, and soul.

• Commit to authenticity and to doing what you really want (and make sure you know what that is).

• Commit to taking responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others.

• Commit to being more responsible with the appointments you make with yourself.

• Commit to being willing to go there – no matter how ugly discovery can get.

• Commit to trusting more and to seeing the best in others.

• Commit to focusing on the good and to being willing to change your perspective.

• Commit to letting go when you know it’s time to let go. Trust that everything will be okay.

• Commit to learning how to receive and get good at it.

• Commit to understanding that you are likely your greatest obstacle. Change that and become your greatest ally.

• Commit to learning how to ask for what you want.

• Commit to replacing the word selfish with the word selfful.

• Commit to dreaming and to venture way outside of your comfort zone this year, like you’ve never done before and watch what happens when you DREAM BIG!

I want you to commit to your future, whether you do it on your own, with a friend, or with the help of a dedicated coach. If you like what you see above and want to get started with someone who is as motivated to help you as you are to help yourself, I'd love to talk with you. If you're interested:

Call me at 954.274.3875 or e-mail me at CoachBerta@dreamerssucceed.com

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