Are You Trapped?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my thousands of miles of hiking the beautiful trails of Florida’s state parks, it’s that we have a shit ton of wild boar out here. I’ve not had a run-in with them (yet), but on nearly every trail I’ve hiked through – especially off the beaten path – the evidence is there.

It turns out, wild boar are among the hardest animals to trap. It takes some careful planning. When they are looking to rid an area of a large population of wild boar, they begin by planting food in one particular area, every day at the same time, typically in the middle of the area they are trying to cover.

It may take several weeks, but eventually word starts getting out among their population that there is easy access to food in a particular area. Trappers wait until they become accustomed to the ease of access to the food at the same time every day in the same location.

After they’ve determined that a large part of the population is coming around, they bring in one side of a corral and place it near the food location. The next day, some of the boar come for the food, notice something different in the surroundings and become squeamish, many leaving for fear that something is going on. Before long, they grow accustomed to the surroundings and the thought of easy food takes over any inclination to be overly cautious.

A month or so later, when they see the comfort level has grown back, they come and put on a second side of a corral. Take note – they’re not boxed in yet. These are just two “walls” they could easily just walk around.

Again, the cycle of reluctance and acceptance repeats. Then they put up the third side of the corral. They don’t care – the food’s there and the walls haven’t done anything to them yet. Finally, during one of the feeding frenzies where most of the boar are accounted for, the trappers rush in and add that final side to the corral. Voila! They’re trapped inside to meet the pig reaper.

The trappers are hailed as heroes for ridding the land of the boar, paving way to population control and easier expansion (or whatever it is they’re killing the boar for).

Many times, we face a similar situation in our lives. The most common one I see is someone sticking with a job that they hate – but they’re being paid just enough so they don’t quit and they’re doing just enough so they don’t get fired.

That paycheck is the food, then they throw in a 401K, then a little health insurance, and before they know it, they’re in a four-walled corral.

This could be the case for a relationship, too. The soul cries out to leave – things aren’t working, there’s no love left, etc. Another letdown – another promise to change or improve. Before you know it, you’re stuck.

This scenario could be applied to almost any part of your life where you feel stuck. It’s time to start looking around. Be aware of your surroundings so that you know how to recognize those clever little fences. Be mindful of what you want and how you’re going to get there.

If anything’s happening around you, you’ll have the presence of mind to do something about it.

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