Letting Go of Yesterday

I was on an early morning drive from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale for a speaking engagement. Although it’s typical on the Old Gipper’s Turnpike on a Floridian spring morning, the sight of the fog out there still amazes me.

It’s bordering on sentient, with the way it considerately drapes the vast expanse of marsh on either side of the highway but avoids the road. Despite the blanket of viscous fog on either side, the roadway is a picture of crystal-clear visibility for those of us who enjoy actually seeingwhere we’re going.

That view of the sun coming up against the Washingtonian palms and Florida pine trees, particularly when there are very few clouds in the sky, never gets old. That’s the gift you get for leaving a warm bed early on a busy day.

To the east, the sun was making its way up into the sky. When I peered over to the west, I got to see the moon in its ‘full’ glory. The moon stood there as if to make sure not to depart until the sun was committed to rising.

Disclaimer: I’m not high. Nor was I high while driving (don’t do that).

I know there’s a scientific explanation to this, and it likely happens at particular times of the month, more often than we notice. I get it (but not enough to actually look it up and shatter the whole illusion for myself). I’ve seen it countless times in my life, but it stood out to me on this morning.

I’ve been reading up a storm lately, and I’ve also been coaching the most amazing people I’ve ever been blessed to coach. Coaching is a mutual gift – one that brings a lot of introspection and perspective shifts into my own life.

I was reminded of the importance of letting go of yesterday to make room for today. But, like that moon, our yesterdays seem to linger. They hang around longer than they should. They seem intent on holding on to us.

In the process of holding on to that yesterday, we miss the beautiful sunrise on the other side, there to light the path to new opportunities. Why do we hang on so fitfully to the things that have passed.

I’m not talking about the things that happened yesterday that have a direct effect on today, or ongoing projects, or things that are entirely built into our lives. I’m referring to a silly mistake we might have made, something we heard or said, a thought that’s followed us through our sleep. We hold on to the past even though we know it will hold us back and keep us from enjoying today and our future.

Lately, I’ve found myself, even in the busy of the busiest in a long time, journaling like crazy. Without necessarily pausing to do so (only because I haven’t thought it necessary because I am all for a pause when needed) I’ve been on this reflective kick. The journaling has made it powerful and magical and enlightening.

Coaching Tangent:

Sometimes as coaches we are the kings and queens of giving advice we don’t take ourselves. I have to admit I do take my own and try at every opportunity to push myself just a little farther than I’ll have to push my clients. For all you coaches out there, I highly recommend it and it’s a great cure for any ‘imposter’ issues you may be dealing with because that shit will get in your head, fuck you up and NOT let you be fully present as a coach to bring out the best in your clients.

So let’s leave yesterday where it belongs! Let’s focus on the sunrise and on what we can do with the ‘new’; let’s explore what we can do with the present.

When you see the moon come out tonight, enjoy it for a little bit and start thinking about how tonight’s moon too will give way to a new sunrise tomorrow, where I pray you will be (yet again) seizing the day.

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