Why Do You Wait?

My grandfather was a moon expert. Most güajiros were -- the moon was their agricultural clock. They used it to determine the best time to reap and sew their crops. They even used it to determine the gender of upcoming babies among their families.

My grandfather never failed at that one. Ultrasounds were for city boys. Had he still been around when this gender-reveal baloon-popping craziness became the thing to do, you could have just had him say it at the end of the party.

I grew up loving the moon because of him -- though we often don't need a reason to love that incandescent white circle in the night sky.

I really love a full moon. Now that's a sight.

When that full moon appears from behind the trees or a rooftop in its glowing glory, it leaves me in awe. While I haven't been able to discern the different hues it supposedly has (i.e. red moon, wolf moon, robot moon, whatever), I don't mind seeing the same yellow-white tinge every time.

The only thing I love more than a full moon? A New Moon.

When I look up and see a new moon, it's a refreshing sight. It's like it's been reborn entirely and is growing back from that sliver of light that's left behind.

The moon starts the cycle from scratch. In the grander scheme of things – knowing all that the moon is responsible for on our planet – it’s a big deal. It feels like the newness of a new year, the newness of a brand new journal, or the newness of that new book you just picked up and can’t wait to get into.

Most of us wait for the new. We like novelty. Go figure.

Whether we're:

• Waiting for a new year.

• Waiting to lose or gain those 5 pounds.
• Waiting for a new job.
• Getting that gym membership but waiting to start when you’re ‘ready’ (whatever the fuck that means).

We spend so much time waiting, waiting, waiting.

Are you a waiter (not the restaurant kind)? If you're always waiting, why do you do it?

Whether it's a year a moon, they start anew in their own time. What a concept. We should take a page from their book. We can’t go through life by external definitions of when our 'new' should start.

Every day is a chance to start new. Every minute. Every second.

So you missed your goals yesterday? Cool. Today ain't yesterday -- try again.

So you bought a new outfit and are waiting for that special occasion to use it? You're alive today. That's pretty damn special. Use it.

Let’s stop waiting for a sign to do what will get us closer to our dreams.

Let’s start every day knowing that today is the first day of the best of your life and that BEST of your life is waiting for you to start.

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