Are You Making Your Rounds?

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“You’re welcome to listen in as they make their rounds,” said one of the most compassionate nurses I’d ever come across. It was during my Mom’s eight visits to the hospital during her last four months. For the most part, the whole staff had been great, but this invitation seemed extra generous. I was grateful and took her up on the offer.

Right on schedule at 11:00 am every day, the chief critical care doctor would stand around an upright computer station on wheels surrounded by residents, pharmacists, a social worker, nurses, and specialists. They would meticulously discuss my Mom’s case (and every other patient in the ICU).

They were making their rounds. During this time, everyone chimed in. The pharmacists brought up changes and adjustments to medication. Residents chimed in on the care and the suggested course of action. And the chief doctor was there all the while, asking great questions, and either suggesting changes or agreeing with the recommendations.

This happened every day. Making the rounds was a critical part of their day and kept everyone on the team abreast of what was going on with each patient. It kept things from getting away from them – they had their fingers on the pulse. After a couple of days of standing in on these rounds, it occurred to me how important it is for all of us to be doing this in every aspect of our lives.

Are you making the rounds?

How often are you making the rounds in your business, in your marriage, and with your health? Many times, situations don’t change over night. They happen, as Hemingway would say, ‘gradually, then suddenly’. How do we keep our finger on the pulse? How do we keep things from getting away from us? By making our rounds, of course.

Set a schedule for yourself in every aspect of your life.


How often are you and your team getting together to:

  • Strategize
  • Discuss what’s currently going on
  • Set goals
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Tweak those things that contributed to losses

Are you debriefing daily, weekly, monthly -- ever?


How often are you and your spouse doing a check-in on your marriage or relationships? Are things stale, feelings unaccounted for, and does it seem things are headed in the wrong direction? These things happen subtly. If so, what are you doing about it?


What about our health – are we really paying attention? Are you doing your part to keep yourself healthy? Do you exercise enough or are you constantly wishing you would? Do you eat properly and check in on your dietary habits every once in a while? Our physical health and mental health are inextricable, and that's why it's dually important to get health habits in line.

Schedule It

I could go on, but in every area of our lives there are a million reasons why we should be making our rounds. What if you sat down today and set a schedule for these rounds? Can you imagine if we set a schedule to do this, stuck to it and were committed to the results? I dare you to try it and prove me wrong that it doesn't help.

C’mon, take me up on this dare. Track and measure the results of what happens and I guarantee that you’ll see the difference.

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