Side-hustles SUCK

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“I’ve never seen a ‘part time’ super successful, high performance person.” – Dan Pena

Do you have a side hustle?  I’ve worked with many, many people who have ‘normal’ 9 to 5 jobs and their “dream job” side hustle. They often try to build their dream business in the evenings and weekends while they’re not at their “real” jobs.

I admire their work ethic, of course. They burn the candle at both ends to build up their own business – at least that’s how they see it. Any energy they lack in the physical realm, they make up for in their excitement for building something they’re passionate about.

Have you heard of Dan Pena?  If you haven’t, please look him up.  If you know me well, you’ll see why I’m attracted to his style.  #notforthefaintofheart

When you are looking to achieve in life, particularly when you are in pursuit of a lofty goal or dream, part time is simply NOT going to get you there.  I know so many people who are part-time coaches. They wonder why they’re not getting traction in their practice. They dedicate nights and weekends to their craft, but can’t figure out why the big money isn’t rolling in.

That side hustle they are trying to build will either take forever or may never come at all.  Do you know why?  Because there’s no true commitment. Plan B’s are nothing more than a precursor to failure for your plan A. Fuck plan A or plan B. Go with“plan.”

I meet so many people during my speaking engagements and workshops who come to me with questions about this very subject. They proudly proclaim that they don’t have a plan B and that they are working on building their businesses.  “I love what you said.  I myself have no plan B.  I’m working on my dream all the time while I’m not at work.” 


While I’ve learned to be careful with people’s feelings, I still blurt things out that I shouldn’t all the time.  Even if I don’t say the first thing that comes into my mouth, my face can’t hide my frustration.

Usually, their contradictory proclamation is followed by me asking, “Well, which is your plan B – your dream or your job?

My intention is not to be mean (not always), but if I’m only going to have two minutes with this person and never see them again, I’m going to do what I can to nudge them into uncomfortability. Why? Because they hate it. They hate being called on their bullshit – every time.  And it’s okay because that frustration will get them thinking.

My favorite mutation of the side-hustle is the “backdoor hustle.” It’s a subtle safety net. It’s that little job that doesn’t take up much time but brings in a little money. Maybe it’s a retail gig. Perhaps it’s taking on little jobs online.

This side-hustle is the most dangerous one of all. People think they are working full time on their dream and because they are not spending most of their time on that side hustle, they think they’re okay. But that side-hustle is still taking up their time and energy. It’s a way for them to feel safe and stuck at the same time.

I don’t want you to misconstrue what I’m saying as a suggestion to set yourself up for a financial disaster by jumping off of your job and dedicating yourself full time in your dream business which will force you to succeed (unless I am). 

Until you commit to your dream, you’re never going to achieve it.  Either you’re all in or you’re not in at all.  That safety that you are delusional to believe that side hustle is providing you is actually holding you back. 

What I am suggesting is that you let your side hustle go, GROW. A. PAIR. and BUILD YOUR DREAM!!! 

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