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Hello and welcome to this epic-sode of the Dreamers Succeed Podcast. I am soloing today, and I’m excited to talk to you about goals. I’m holding the book in my hand called “Goals: How to Get Everything You Want Faster than you Ever Thought Possible” by Brian Tracy. This was one of my first reads for the year and I highly, highly recommend you go out and get this book. I came back after reading it and bought every copy that they had at two Barnes and Noble(s) and started sending those out as gifts for people. It’s a very powerful book. There’s a lot in this book that is nothing more than we already know. Those of us who are readers and go-getters and are used to goal-setting, most of the stuff in this book is stuff that we already know. It’s just packaged differently.

Until you get to chapter 14. Chapter 14 was very powerful! Just so you know: because I’m an accountability coach, I had quite a year last year, and I don’t mean that in a great way. Just a year full of a lot of back and forth, a lot of heavy, a lot of things that required my attention and put me down for about 5 or 6 months. I missed 99% of my goals last year.

Those of you who know me know that I’m big on setting goals, big on setting the metrics we need to achieve those goals. I missed 99% of my goals last year. This is confession time. I have no problem saying it; I’m very public about my hits and misses every year. I keep track monthly and weekly of my metrics and at the end of every month, I make a list of my hits and misses for the month as far as my goals were concerned.

This idea came to me when – several years ago – Peter Gabriel (my son is a big fan of his) came out with an album. It was called Hits and Misses. One of this CDs in this two-pack album. One of the CDs had all his hits. The other had all his misses. My son and I realized that there were so many songs on that “Misses” album that we really liked. They were songs that were surprised didn’t make it to the hits album. Those of you who know Peter Gabriel know he’s got a library of beautiful genius stuff.

It dawned on me that even the misses – when we’re setting goals or falling short of those goals – can provide tremendous lessons. Again, why we felt short, what contributed to that… so I started keeping this list. Because I keep a very accurate calendar and I’m very detailed (almost in an anal way), I’m able to go back every month and see wherever I hit a goal or exceed a goal… I can see very clearly on my calendar what was going on that contributed to my being able to hit or exceed that goal.

Same thing for the goals that I fell short on. I’m very real with myself. I’m very public with how real I am with myself as far as what I’m doing and what I know that I’m not doing that I should be doing. I also put in what contributed to my missing that goal in addition to what needs to change in order for me to hit that goal. Now I said that I missed 99% of my goals this year. But I still had my best year in business so far. The reason for that was because I’m very daring and bold when it comes to setting goals. I never play it safe. I don’t let my clients play it safe. If we’re not big thinkers and big dreamers, we’re never going to get very far.

I love playing and challenging people who are willing to go there and dream big and set big, bold goals, even at the risk of missing them. What good is setting low expectations and hitting them every time. I would rather set them very high and miss because I’m still doing well, as is the case for last year.

What I found was that… I’ll give you a couple of examples.

I had a goal of walking or running 2019 miles last year. I joined this club called run the year. You have to run as many miles as the number of the year. Now, because I spent a lot of time in the hospital with my mom and wasn’t walking around as much as I should have (I’m not using that as an excuse… I could have walked around the halls or gone downstairs). I fell short. I missed it by almost half. I was at 1100 miles or something like that. That’s almost half of what my original goal was. But you know what? 1100 miles in a year is not that bad. I was averaging something like three or four miles a day. Yes, I missed the goal. I accept that. But still: not a bad year. Another one was that I wanted to volunteer 1,000 hours last year. I fell short of that again by about half. I think I got to 492 volunteer hours. And yes, I missed my goal by half.

But you know what? I did pretty well. Again, I know I’m going to do better this year, but I’m not going to super complain about having been able to participate in the community to that capacity. I could go on and on with the books. Had a goal of 52 books but got through 48. It’s not bad. Just that I had set the goal very high. Same thing for the financial goals, for the new contacts – all these things that I’m keeping track of very deliberately.

Because I did that last year, I set myself up for a really good foundation for this year. It’s the metrics. It’s what I teach around accountability. It’s what I’m doing with most if not all of my clients who come to me for accountability. We’re really working on honing in those numbers and just keeping track of the numbers. The numbers never lie.

Back to the Brian Tracy book. What I really loved about this book – particularly chapter 14 – was an entirely new way of looking at the emotion of those goals. In this chapter, he talks about the importance of the “I am.” We all know the power of those statements. We have our affirmations and have our goals. Those of us who are doing it right should be writing down our intentions every morning and night. What he offers in this book is something a little different than what I’ve read before.

Instead of just writing down, “I’m going to make a million dollars this year.” You write down a powerful I am statement. (E.g.) “I am a million-dollar entrepreneur.” “I am healthy and active and able to maintain a healthy weight of x.”

These are not the specifics that they get into, I’m just going off my list a little right now. I am a successful coach. All those things that we want to do, but from the place of I am. Then he takes it up a notch. Every morning, when you’re writing down your I am statement. They say do about ten. I think I do 18 or something like that. When you write down that first I am statement – those of you who want to hit that million dollar mark this year – “I am a successful entrepreneur bringing in a million dollar every year.”

Every morning you write down three action items that are going to contribute to making that “I am” statement a reality. For example: “I am going to reach out to five new contacts today.” “I am going to schedule five coffee meetings.” “I am going to send out three new proposals today.”

Then in the evening you recap with writing out your “I am” statement. We all know the power of the spoken word. We know the power of the written word. This is just making that an exercise, making that a habit. You’re starting your day with that, you’re ending your day with that.

I belong to a 5 AM club – those of you who want to know about this let me know. We check in every morning at 5 AM with our intentions. We’re waking up in the morning and, you know what? Many times by 7 in the morning, I’m almost done with my to-do stuff that I have to do on my computer. That is part of my morning routine: to write out those “I Am” affirmations.

What I have found, because I’m a big believer in gratitude (as most of you should be) is that I’m combining it with the gratitude journaling that I do. I didn’t start doing it right away when I started doing the “I am” statements, which began some time in December. My year starts December 1st, so I get a baker’s dozen every year and December overlaps. It’s a great way to end the year strong and start the year ahead of the game. By January 1st I’m way ahead of where I would be. Just a side-note.

I found that it was great doing those “I am” statements, writing those three powerful impact intention promises to myself every morning. Then recapping in the evening. But when I combined it and added this ingredient of gratitude, I really took things up to a whole other level and this came to me from the book, “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh which my cousin gifted me many years ago when she first read it. She was very excited and started gifting that to all of us. One of the most powerful things I gathered from the book was the importance of being grateful for even what was coming.

It’s important to be grateful for all that we have, but we can be grateful in advance because we know that it’s on the way. Especially when we’re on that vibration where we’re making good use of the law of attraction. I’m not going to say “believing it.” Whether you believe it or not, it exists. It’s like gravity. You don’t have to believe in gravity. Don’t try to walk off the ledge of a tall building and think nothing is going to happen. Just my opinion.

So what I want you to think about as you’re reading this book (and I really encourage you to pick it up! It’s really a great book). But if you can dissect that chapter and make it a habit and make that a daily exercise – a part of your routine. If you incorporate the gratitude… for example, instead of:

“I am a million-dollar entrepreneur.”

Make it, “I am grateful for… x”

I tweaked it about three or four weeks into  that practice and it made a difference. What happened was that I started feeling it in my soul. We all know that what we’re grateful for amplifies. We need to be practicing gratitude anyway. If you can incorporate that into this routine of your affirmations – I’m a big believer in trying to get as much out of these habits as you can – you’re really taking that already very powerful exercise to a new level.

I encourage you to do that. Please reach out to me if any of this resonates with you and you want to learn more and maybe set some powerful intentions for yourself and you need to walk through that. I’m happy for you to call me if you want. My number is 305-562-2085. I am not a taxi cab. I don’t have a meter running. Just call me. If you can find a way to come up with some very powerful and intentional statements that you can make part of your morning routine, I guarantee you are going to set up the day for a great deal of success. Very powerful from a place of gratitude, from a place of intention, and from a place of owning your day.

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