Pink Headphones | Pig-Headed Discipline and Determination w/ Dan LeFave

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Hello and welcome to the Dreamers Succeed podcast. I am joined today by one of my favorite people who came to me as a LinkedIn connection, for which I am so blessed. He is a business and mindset coach, productivity and targeted automation strategist. He is a goal achievement wizard, an all-around amazing guy, and he is coming to us from Ontario, Canada. Please welcome Dan LeFave.

Hi, Dan!


Hi, Berta. Thank you very much. This is awesome.


I’m so happy you’re here. I talk a lot about the power of LinkedIn. We connected on LinkedIn and he just had a really different way of doing things when he meets a connection. We’re going to talk a little bit about that because I think it’s something we can all learn and benefit from if we can mimic the way that he does it. It’s all about building relationships and just a heart of service like I’ve never seen. So I promise you are in for a real treat. If you don’t know him already, get ready, because here we go. You ready, Dan?


I’m ready!


Awesome. So, Dan, if we looked you up in the dictionary (there’s no room for modesty here because I know you’re extremely modest – I want you to remove that from the equation if you can for just a few minutes) what would we find?


Yeah, maybe a Wiki. I’ve actually earned this title, which is “Shortcut to Success Coach.” The reason being is all my life I’ve found the path of least resistance. Today, I actually encourage people that I speak with and clients that they should take the heart path of least resistance. Think and move through life with heart. There’s research that shows that we have more neurons – thousands of neurons in our heart (maybe trillions) and thousands in our minds. We actually have more neurons in our hearts. I think that the shortcuts are there and I don’t know what it is, but I’m just a magnet for shortcuts, so I find tools, resources, and I’m very resourceful in any situation.

I was talking to somebody yesterday, talking about business and doing a masterclass. He said, “I’m going to ask you something different… I’m writing a fiction book.” He started asking me how I would handle that. I just came up with something creative and he goes, “Man, I was so stuck until I talked to you.”  I’m just a creative mind, and when it comes to business – same thing. The nice thing about doing coaching is that it’s not my problem. I respect that they have a problem and I respect what they’re doing. I never give any advice that they would take and do – it’s their choice.

But I often come up with different angles and different perspectives to take a different viewpoint or perspective – a different approach – and get things done. Or not to think in a way that’s going to cause harm to themselves or anybody else. Oftentimes we do that; we beat ourselves up more than we do others. So that’s me. I’m the Shortcut to Success Coach. I can’t stop attracting resources. The one that we’re going to share today – the profitable progression planner. That’s not mine. It’s mine now because it’s been modified through me, but it’s not mine, I just attracted it and gave it to others. They modified it and gave it back to me. Then others came along and said, “I can make this better.” Fantastic! Go ahead.


Thanks for sharing that. I think one of the things that really stood out with you is that you’re just wired to solve the problem or to find that shortcut. You’re one of the most giving-est human beings that I know. I’m a big mutual introduction person. I love making connections. I’ll be honest with you, Dan. I get more positive feedback from the connections that I make to you where I hear back from whoever is in my tribe that I’m connecting with you about how much value they got just from a conversation. We were talking about Jay just a little bit ago. I was on the phone with him and he said, “Dan just shifted my entire perspective as far as programs are concerned.”

It was just a simple conversation and now he’s enrolled in your vision and I know you have gelled well together like you have with so many people that you come in contact with. I love that about you. It comes so easy to you – you’re so willing to share. Have you always been just that giving? Give it away, let’s add value, let’s be of service.


Yeah. I think it’s truly in my nature. I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but you know it might be past lives or something. I remember things like a tornado going through our town when I was younger. I remember my father giving milk and things that were going to perish away to the army so that they could give it to families that needed it. I don’t know if it was those kinds of things or what.

There was a time when I was seven years old that I was in a car accident. I was in a coma for three days. I had all these stitches. I remember going around the hospital. The only thing I remember from that hospital was seeing a little stand where they had snacks and so on. I remember there was a girl’s birthday there – she was in the hospital. I wanted to give her something; it was a chocolate bar. It was a couple bucks. That’s what we got for her. I don’t know – it’s inherent in me and I’ve done things like devoting six hours to help my neighbor install a garage door opener while his 21 year old son held the ladder.

People are like – “You did what?” Here’s the thing: after that he said to me, “Every time I open my garage door, I say a silent prayer for you.” I’m like, that’s worth six hours and more. Right? That’s the thing. I believe in the law of reciprocity. I don’t do it because I believe in it. I give because it’s fun to give. When I see people transform and turn around… like one of my clients. He took of thirty six pounds and we helped his business go to a million and beyond. The real benefit and bonus was that he got himself lean and energetic and sort of got his youthful energy back. He’s only in his thirties, but he took thirty-six pounds off. That kind of transformation just gets me going.

I didn’t even expect it or notice it until he showed his before and after picture with his shirt off. He said, “I took thirty-six pounds off when we were working together.” I call it rearranging mental furniture. We tweak the mental furniture a little bit. We streamline some neural pathways and created some new practices. Now his life is transformed forever. I can almost bet when people say to him, “What happened, what changed?” He’ll be like, “Well I was working with this guy named Dan and all these good things happened.”

I’m putting out good vibes in the world and that matters to me more than anything else.


You and I think a lot alike as far as parenting, even though you’re in the thick of it and I’m already on the way other side of it. The kids will not do what we say, but they will do what they see us do. It seems like it’s just generational for you in your DNA. I know how important it is for you. You coach a lot of parents in that age group as well to make sure that they’re planting those good seeds with everyone, because our children are always looking. So can you talk to me a little bit about how you got into coaching?


Sure! It was quite a journey, and it didn’t start where most people would think. I was basically a corporate manager – senior manager – and moving up the ladder. Frankly, I’m not exactly sure how or why, but my journey started with my brother in telecom, building a telecom construction business. So for three years we did that and I was in the office. I wasn’t at first, but I sprained my thumb and that put me in the office. Ever since then I was doing business development and communications and organizing blocks and all the other aspects of business.

I was even doing projections, which I’m not qualified to do. I was a 27 or 28-year-old guy making stuff up. I was fabricating revenues for the next year, because the bank said, “We need proof that you’re going to survive and pay your loan back.”

I remember taking spreadsheets, which, back in the 90s was very hard to come by. I found one. They were like, “What are your projections for next year?” I took this spreadsheet and added percentages to it. That’s future pacing, where you’re just projecting. And, wow. We went from $200,000 to $400,000 to $600,000 to a million in a few years. I was like, “What happened?” When I think back, I’m like, “Is it that easy? All I have to do is write it down on a profit and loss statement and guess and the universe will conspire to give me what I want.

I don’t know if it’s that easy, but it worked that way for us. Long story short, my brother wasn’t willing to give me ownership in the company. I talked to a friend who worked for a big telecom company, went over to meet with him (he was in HR) and he said, “Give me your resume.” I said, “Sure.” Then I get a call from the manager of project management. He says, “We have this project that’s 25 million dollars. What’s the biggest budget you’ve handled?”

I was like, “I don’t know… 500,000? I can do it.”

I went over and did that project management, figured it out, streamlined it. Again, shortcut to success; resources, resourceful, figuring things out. I remember there were times where the crew would call at 11 or 12 and they’d say, “Oh there’s lightning outside.” I was in a condo. I’d look on the balcony in the direction where they were working and say, “I don’t see any lightning.” Then they would say, “We see it.”

I’m like, “Okay, you can call it a night but you’re going to go back tomorrow night or next week.”

So anyway, I did project management. Then that came to an end because a bigger company bought them out, they didn’t want to renew my contract. Then I immediately went over to meet a manager of another company who was doing negotiations in the exact same field: telecommunications. So I go over there and same thing. I present to him what I could do and everything like that. He says, “I need to hire you. I don’t know how, but I need to hire you.”

So he did. Got me on contract. Then, again, same thing happened. Couple of years go by, parent company didn’t want to renew. Then I had an opportunity. This is sort of the serendipitous aspect of my story or my journey. I was negotiating with another guy named Don at a social housing company and I didn’t hear back from him. I kept persisting, then I finally get a call from another guy named John. He says, “Don’s in the hospital. We don’t know when he’s coming out.”

The next day they call and say, “Don’s dead.” He had an aneurism and died. So they said, “We don’t know what to do. Don died with all this information in his head. Can you help us?”

I said, “Sure.”

They asked, “Do you know who could do this? Because we need to hire somebody.”

So I took a look. It was a step down in terms of my ability. It was an opportunity and I said, “Yes.” That’s been one of the things I’ve been doing very well, is saying, “Yes.” I said yes. I went over there. They gave me three streams of revenue, which was wireless telecom, media advertising, and film production. I learned to move things and move people. I had so much freedom there. I went to the office once a week and I had so much fun just being at home and doing whatever I liked. But I was very productive. I was adding hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Within two years, the CFO called me in and said, “I want you in that management position. You’re going to handle all the streams of revenue. There were eight streams of revenue. I said, “Sure! Why not!” Pay me more? Yeah, I’ll do it. So I did it. Again, I just figured things out. I had to squash the whole team that was there and start from the ground up and build it up. And so I did. Again, all the resources came into play. I kept revenues going and I added about $10 million in revenue or more during the years I was there. Or more, I don’t know where it started.

So anyway, that’s corporate. But then I was given the opportunity – it was this organization in the city of Toronto. I was able to take a parental leave for 36 weeks. I didn’t even know about it. The first time, I didn’t even take the leave. I took two weeks vacation and worked the whole time at home. But the second time I said, “Sign me up! I’m gone!” So I took it. I took this 36 weeks. Towards the end of it, I had the awakening. I was like, “I can’t go back to this.” In fact, I contacted them and said, “I want vacation” because it was November and December. “I want to take vacation. I’ll come back in January.” I even took vacation in February and March. I got recruited during a vacation and came back.

Again it was a step-up there to a higher-paying job. It was maybe 125,000 instead of 80 or whatever I was getting. So that company hired me. It was slightly similar in nature. I was feeling disenchanted and didn’t realize it until the 90th day. That’s when they called me into the board room and said, “Hey, you’re fired.” That was the first time I was ever fired in my life. I’m always first hired last fired. I’m the resourceful, creative workaholic. So I get fired and I’m like, “Oh, man… there’s something wrong here.” I called my wife. I remember that day. I said, “I’m going to Costco to pick a couple things up. I just got fired. I’ll be home soon – tell you all about it.”

It was November. Newborn. Two children at home. No income. Really shocking, but I did some soul-searching and I asked a therapist friend of mine, “What should I do about this?” She said, “Say a prayer. What do you want?”

“I want to be inspired and I want to be with my family.” She said, “Pray for it.” And I did. I got a call the next day. It’s my friend’s father, Ken. He’s in his 60s or 70s. He’s talking to me about this network marketing business, which I knew he had. I temped at that back in my 20s. It wasn’t my thing then. But he told me about this energy product. I was forty years old and I was feeling my energy was going down. I don’t know what it was, but I said, okay, I want to try the product, but I’ll say yes to the business. I had prayed for it.

I remember talking on the phone and thinking… Ken? You’re sending me Ken? You know I don’t like network marketing. But you know what? I said yes and I devoted six months to doing that business, really grinding because it was so hard for me. It just doesn’t feel right. I learned about Og Mandino. He’s got great work. I was given Og Mandinos Ten Scrolls. If you know about that, you read the scrolls three times a day every day. I read those scrolls three times a day every day for 30 days. I did that for ten months. I did it consistently, persistently. It lead me to learn about Og Mandino, which lead me to Dave Blanchard, who is the CEO of Og Mandino. So I look at Dave’s website. He says, “Buy ten of my new book for $200, I’ll give you eight weeks of coaching. I was like, “I need some help.”

So, anyway, that happened. Then, because of the network marketing business, I was flying to Salt Lake City to go to Provo, Utah for a meeting. I decided to learn about Dave. I learned he’s in Bountiful, Utah, which is a bedroom city of Salt Lake City. I messaged him and I said, “Dave… maybe I can come for coffee… meet for coffee.”

He says, “When do you fly out?”

I say, “Sunday morning.”

He says, “Come and stay at my house.”

I’m like, “By the way I have a friend coming from Minnesota.”

“Bring him over!”

I’m like, okay, this is open-door. So anyway, he treated us so well. Treated us to a movie in his theater. He has a nice little theater with La-Z-Boys. Again, the day I said, “Show me where you work your magic. Your office space. I want to get a feel for that.” So he did. We were talking and he said, “You know, Dan. I think you’d make a good coach.”

That was the trigger. That was the shift. Then, I was thinking, what do you mean coach? Teaching? I know what that is. So I came home. A friend of mine, Denise, was studying Bob Proctor’s stuff so she introduced me to that. I said, okay, this is cool stuff, I want to learn. I’m good with money, so I said, “I’ll buy all this stuff.” I spent $7,000 and bought all of his programs. I’m still doing network marketing.

So I did that, but then next thing she says is, “Why don’t you talk to his team about coaching since this guy Dave Blanchard said something about that.” I said, sure. I get on the phone with his sales guy. We’re talking for 30 minutes. He says, “Why don’t we get Bob on the phone?”

I’m like, “Alright.” I don’t know Bob. I have no idea who he is. He message him and says, “We can talk in two hours.” I finished going to a network marketing meeting and then I get on the phone with Bob. I remember that day, because he’s saying to me certain things about, “How do you become a coach? Get certified, I have a program, you buy the program, resell it, and coach.”

I’m thinking, “That sounds pretty doable.”

But then he says, “It’s going to cost you.” But he was nice. He was like, you already bought $7,000 dollars of my stuff so it’s only $13,000 dollars more. So $20,000 invest to learn his stuff, get certified, and start coaching. Again, I didn’t have any income. Wife at home. Two children. So all this going on.

So, yeah it was just a little bit chaotic, but that was the start. I started teaching Bob’s stuff. Then I co-authored the book with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, and Dennis Wheatley. Then I created programs. I invested probably a quarter of a million in events and learning and I just said yes to everything. Even when I didn’t know how things were going to happen.

There was a time when Bob was having an event in Los Angeles. Because I was already a coach all I had to do was show up and pay for a hotel. So I was thinking, “Can I afford this? Should I pay for it?” Then I remember one time I got a call from a credit-card company offering something that had to do with points – air mile points or something. And I was like, “Oh, I’m going to call them back.”

They were like, “Yeah, sign up for this card we’ll give you 25,000 points.”

I added the points to the points I already had and I was like, “I’ve got a free return flight. There’s no excuse now.”

That lead me on a journey to masterminding with somebody that I’ve been reading and studying books for 8 years now by reading the same chapter every day for 30 days with Mark. We’ve been doing that since 2011. That’s because I went to that event. Otherwise I would have never met Mark and all these great things.

Ultimately, the over-arching story here is that I said, yes to everything. If it felt right, I said yes. I stepped forward. I never hesitated. Sometimes, my wife would say, “You think it’s good?” It’s going to got $25,000. “I think it’s good.”


I think a lot of times, people aren’t really willing to invest in themselves. They think that they’re paying for this program. They’re not. You’re investing in yourself. How committed are you? There was no question on your commitment. There was no question on your belief that you were on the right path, it sounds like. You were all in from day one, it sounds like.


I have what’s called a PhD, which is pig-headed discipline and determination.


It’s true, Dan. I think a lot of times, people caution themselves out of success just because they either overthink it or they’re focusing more on the fear-factor than the faith in what can come. The timing was just perfect. God has a way of making things work and moving the universe in the direction of whatever is going to work in our favor. I love when we’re open and paying attention to that. The rest is history. I know, as you were describing the process of what you started doing for these companies to greater numbers as you moved up in your corporate career is what you’re doing now for your clients. We’ve shared some stories back and forth. I’m happy if you want to share one. But you’ve taken these companies and they just couldn’t see the way into the next level. You just come in and, of course you’re out here and you’re thinking, “This is simple, guys. Let’s incorporate this. Let’s do this.” Around their goals. Can you talk to us about what that process is like? If you can give us the Cliff Notes version. I know you’ve been able to achieve great success as a coach helping your clients achieve great success in their businesses.


I’m just going to reference something, because I have something in my office that says “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see.” I’m always reminded that I just keep stepping forward, even if I don’t see it, I know it’s there and it’s waiting for me. I have different things that I’ve programmed into my mind. I’m the king of perfect timing, so everything happens for me. The best people, the best circumstances (like you) and everything the best is always there waiting for me and I just have to say yes.

So, yes, I’ll give you an example. I’ll use Brad as an example. He’s the one who took thirty-six pounds off. Brad has an auto-detailing business and they were having a hard time hitting a million dollars, and that was a big deal for him. I said, sure, let’s do it. He’s very committed, I could see that. A very good listener and learner, and that’s important in my work. They have to be action-oriented and very open. Sometimes, to suspend disbelief, because that’s going to be their biggest hurdle. So Brad… we started off by taking a snapshot of his business. We did an org-chart of his current system. I said, okay, let’s build one for three years from now. We built that. I said, “Okay, now who isn’t here in three years from now that you have now in your business?”

He said this person and this person and then it hit. Then he was like, “I’ve got to let them go?” And I was like, “Yeah, you’ve got to replace them. It’s nothing personal.” He had deeply rooted habits, practices, and relationships that were really personal. That was really a huge hurdle for him, but I knew it. Considerations, fears, and road blocks are always the things that show up when change comes, so get ready to be uncomfortable. I should probably tell that to people: “Get ready to be uncomfortable.”

We did that snapshot just moving stuff around. What I started doing was this: He’s like, “How do I find the right people?” I said, well, let’s look at the things you don’t like about the people you have that aren’t performing at their best – the weak links. He did that. He just started charting and writing down what they do and how they operate, what their personality types are and so on. And then I said, okay, now let’s do the polar opposite: what is the opposite of that? What are the things that you want instead of that?

Then we did that. Guess what? Just by doing that exercise, the one woman got a real estate license and left, so you see how the universe works, right? You don’t want this person any more? Let’s help them out. She got a license, left. The other guy, he gave him the opportunity to change. He had a personal conversation with him. I said, fine, you go ahead if you want to give him an opportunity go ahead. But then I reminded him that how people do anything is how they do everything. So if you see him shift now assess it for a week and the next three weeks and see.

Then he came back and said, “He hasn’t changed.” It wasn’t motivation enough for him to change. He’s not aware enough. So, again, he had to replace him. He hired one individual to take two positions for cost savings and higher performance all in one, which he would have never gotten because of the people he had.

So that happened, and within two or three months they had their first 100,000 dollar month, which they hadn’t had in years. They were super excited about that. We started expanding on a different stream of revenue. Auto detailing is only 100 to 150 dollars a vehicle. They had potential for doing biohazard. So vehicles that may have had an accident; blood stains, drugs, needles… so they have to wear a specialized uniform and be specialized. But they get $7,000 a vehicle. Let’s expand on that. We talked about developing stronger relationships with dealerships because that’s a major stream of revenue.

So he hit the million dollars, but he also took off 36 pounds, got more energy, and shifted his mindset about what the seasons of auto detailing are. He just told me this past year, “I’ve had my best January ever. That means he’s no longer going around like “January and February is slow so we’ll do this.” I’ve had real estate agents say the same thing. “I’ve just had my best winter months ever.” Yeah, because you’re not going around saying, “This is slow, this is slow.”

I think the biggest one was him getting himself physically in a state where he’s got energy, time for his family, better relationships, his business is where he wants it to be. I know now it’s closed in tough times. Try to pay $10,000 dollars a month for space or whatever, right?


I think one of the coolest things is your Profitable Planner. I want to talk about that for a minute. I think that’s going to be such a powerful tool for people in any business. I think that you hit the nail on the head with this one, Dan, because it really is not only scale-able, it’s totally flexible and pliable with whatever it is that you want to do. Can you talk to us a little bit about that? I feel like we won’t have the benefit on the audio, but I wish you guys could see what this looks like even though Dan is going to be gracious and generous as he always is. Can you talk to us a little bit about how that came to be and what people can achieve with it?


Sure! Just like anything else, I called it a Profitable Progression Planner. It’s exactly that. It’ll help you with any goal in your life. Right now it’s so important that everybody have a future vision for what’s to come. If you don’t, you’ll get caught up in the reality, which is just based on history. That just creates a predictable future. Right now if you look out into the world, the future doesn’t look that great.  There’s a lot of uncertainty and conspiracy theories and all this. So the story behind it is that I started studying the twelve-week year. I’m not exactly…

Oh! I know! Somebody presented it at an event, so I was like, I gotta check that book out. It hit me, I got it, and then Mark (who is my study partner), we grabbed the book and said, okay, we like it. We’re going to study it. So we’re almost done with chapter 20. We’ve read that book thirty times. So guess what? When you give enough attention to something, things manifest. We gave so much attention to that that I actually attracted somebody who created a twelve-week planner and before I even knew who he was, we connected on LinkedIn, he invited me to be on a podcast, and then we’re on a podcast and he mentioned somebody else. I said, “Does he have a website with this name?”

He says, “Yes!”

I said, “I found this cool planner!”

He said, “I created it!” So, Jamie created the planner right? I’ll tell you that his planner was a little more complicated. I went searching for more; something simpler. I tested a few of them. Here’s what happened: I found a planner, I started testing it, I formed a mastermind with somebody else, and we started working on a twelve-week plan, and she took it, modified it, made it better and cleaner looking. I’m like, great, fantastic! So we kept using it. Then I started another mastermind, and there was a woman, Lucy (a fantastic excel technical person), she said, “I can make this all plug n’ play.” I was like, great! So the formulas are in there and everything. The dates. You just make it all simple. The harder it gets… you know how people are: they’re going to resist.

We have this resistance muscle that’s like, if this is going to be too much time and effort I won’t do it. It’s so simple now. You plug in your goal, your date, and your actions, and then each day of the week you specify which time and then of course you have to be honest. You mark that thing done and it records your performance. Ultimately, if you use it right, you will have a weekly accountability mastermind where you get on a call with another individual and you’ll go through your planner with them and you’ll look for breakdowns. If you don’t find the breakdowns, you don’t know where things are falling off. That’s the beauty of it. It’s about a future vision, a clear goal, and then breaking it down.

Mark Twain said to chunk those big complex goals into small, simple steps. Put them into simple steps, then put them in your planner, and then connect that to your calendar, then you have virtually no other excuses.


Dan, how do we get that resource? What’s the best way for the audience to do that?


Well, they can go to Danlefave.com/profitableplanner. You can grab it there. In fact, you can grab it and then I’ll show exactly how to use it. The way I just described it might sound complicated but once you see it you’ll realize there’s nothing to it. Anybody who says, “I’m not technically inclined,” it’s easy to use. I’ve used it with multiple clients. I have clients who are overflowing with joy. They’re like, “This is so easy. I’m tracking!” And it’s causing so much more free time, free will. I have one client, she’s pregnant right now.

She’s taking naps in the afternoon, but she has a marketing agency and is able to take the free time out to do this. We’re helping make a self-managing business. Her business is flowing. She’s doing certain practices. I’ll plant another seed or nugget here: the greatest time to do sales (according to research that I’ve done) is 9 AM on Monday. People have the most willpower and the less complex stuff in the way. Think about that for a second. Depending on where you are. I can call east coast time at 9 AM.


That’s really, really great advice. See guys? I want to encourage all of you to follow Dan, if you can, on LinkedIn. He’s always such a source of information. His generosity is always just blessing people with all of his knowledge. He’s happy to share it and, like I said, he’s Mr. Give-it-away. I benefitted from his book, “Live the Life of Your Dreams.” Full disclosure: when I met Dan on LinkedIn, we scheduled our first call. The call was scheduled for my mother had just gotten into the hospital. I was spending a great deal of time in the hospital during my mother’s illness and a lot of the calls that Dan and I had back and forth were from the lobby of this hospital.

I’d excuse myself from my mom’s room and go out to the waiting room. Dan, let me tell you, you don’t know because we’ve never had this conversation, but the timeliness that god had with bringing you into my life… you were so generous to send me that book with your five F’s. I want you to talk a little bit about it. It was so important for me to get grounded during that stage. In my optimism, I never knew that the outcome was going to be the outcome.

I thought my mom was going to live another twenty years and we’d be celebrating her 100th birthday. That was just not God’s plan. But your book really helped me set the perspective shift that I needed to be able to face everything that came in those months following. I’m so grateful to you because I don’t know – there was something about your book, especially with that invitation to think about later… about the future. And to plan and realize what we’re doing now is going to affect the future.

And you said it earlier before we jumped on the call about how the reality that we’re living in now is based on our decisions that we made in the past. Can you just give a snippet and then tell people where they can find your book and how your book came to be and your passion for delivering that message the way that you did?


Certainly! The book is “Living the Life of Your Dreams.” It’s all about creating a lifestyle for yourself and a life for yourself. A lot of my clients – I ask them why they started their businesses. They create business plans but never a life or lifestyle plan. That’s what caught my attention. I was like, “They wanted something but they never created a plan for it. No wonder they don’t have it.”

They’re just a highly paid employee of their own business. That’s what got my attention. The writing of it happened very quickly. I was at an event, got inspired, came home, and wrote it within a month. It’s a short read: 80 minutes or less. The basic premise of the book like you were alluding to, is that it’s about designing our lives from the end backward. From our death backwards; how do we want to be remembered by the most important people? Our loved ones, the people we interact with the most.

If we’re going to end our life, we might as well end it on a positive note, on the upside. Which is, I feel good, I did my best, I interacted with all these people. I’m leaving lasting memories. There’s people in hospice (I’ve researched that too) that have the five regrets. Number one was that they didn’t take risks and do things for the people they loved. So, anyway, the book is crafted that way. It’s reverse-engineered life from death backwards. But then I’ve also learned about these five F’s. I love them. It’s faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances. In that order, which is a tall order to live by.

That’s my objective. If I get to the end of my life and I’ve lived my life by faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances, then I’ll have lived a great life. It’s crafting your life in reverse and then assessing that every week, doing a check-in. What did I do or what happened this week that I can take note on? Because then you’re creating your history in writing as to what happened. You’re looking for evidence for the thing you want, which is what I do with my clients all the time. What’s your personal vision? Look for your evidence. Then they assess it and they’re like, that happened. Guess what? Builds confidence, self-esteem, self-worth. It takes all the anxiety and mental clutter out of the way. The book is about that: crafting your life in reverse, and then having a system for measuring it. If you like the five F’s, apply them. In terms of where folks can get that, they can grab it on Amazon; it’s there in pretty much every country. Or if they like Barnes and Noble or Apple… it’s pretty much everywhere. It’s on Walmart.com. Everywhere you can grab it. Easiest place for most, I think, is Amazon. Grab a hard copy or a Kindle copy.

It’s something that I think – if you grasp it and do it – you’ll get to the end of your life (whenever that comes), and be able to look back and say, yeah, I did my best. I did what I could for the people that mattered. I’m leaving lasting memories, which is priceless.


Dan, one thing before we go: I know this’ll be a tough one, but what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


Good question! The first one that popped into my mind was from Bob Proctor. I went to his house with the network marketing business in my back pocket and when I left I only had one focus. He was like, “You can’t do two things. You’ll spread your energy. Get one thing going, develop habits around it, then get the other one going. You can have multiple streams of revenue, but don’t focus on more than one thing at a time.”

That’s where people get messed up. They’re switching their focus. That costs energy and willpower and all sorts of things, but also it’s not measurable, you know? How can you actually say that you’re succeeding if you don’t focus on one thing, test it, and realize the benefits of it? So, yeah, you know… it may not be the very best, but when he said that to me, I was like, okay! So I left there and I said, no more network marketing.

I called Ken, caught a lot of resistance from him. “It’s going to be hard doing coaching, you know, the good thing I’ve set up.” He knows because he ran all sorts of businesses. I was just like, yeah, but you know what? It’s my passion. I need to go and get it. I know that my heart now… when I say take the heart path of least resistance, mine is about going, teaching, adding value.

I almost pour out value on everybody I meet because invariably they’ll ask a question that I have a resource or tool or connection for. I just give it. Sometimes they’re overwhelmed, other times they’re like, “this is fantastic. I’ll apply that and do it.”


I know that that’s true, Dan. I’m so grateful. I’m glad that you’re staying safe and still enjoying your family and the outdoors-ish. So that’s all for today, guys. Thank you for being here, Dan, again.


Get outside, get in nature. Even if it’s just trees in your neighborhood!

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