Ese Es Amigo Mio — My Grandfather Juanci (Lesson #87)

unsplash-logoMay Lawrence

Some of the fondest memories from my childhood came from our walks home after school with my grandfather Juancito.  Even in his nineties, he remained the fastest walker in our family.  It’s not like he was racing – it just always seemed like he didn’t have time to waste.  If he was walking, he was going somewhere – Publix for lotto tickets and chocolate for the kids; the bank to deposit his social security check (because direct deposit was for suckers). It’s very possible this is another trait I got from him.

One of the phrases I remember hearing Juancito say most was ‘ese es amigo mio’.  Roughly translated, it means ‘he’s my friend.’ By  ‘he,’ Juancito could be referring to anyone or anything – even inanimate objects.

If we were on a walk and it got dark and cloudy and we were bound to get drenched by an oncoming thunderstorm on the way home, he’d encourage us not to worry because ‘ese es amigo mio.’ Sure enough, we’d make it home just before the first drops began to fall. 

If there was a huge, intimidating dog on our path (which freaked us out. especially my cousin Ira), he’d encourage us not to be afraid because ‘ese es amigo mio.’ Sure enough, that dog would pay us no mind and head off in the opposite direction by the time we’d made it to where it was loitering.

On Sunday afternoons, Juanci worked only until 1:00 in the afternoon and it was my job to pick him up from work.  He always made it interesting for me with a game of “find me if you can.” This man was in his 80’s, mind you. One Sunday, I’d been looking everywhere for him. He mocked me by meowing from somewhere out of sight. Eventually, I found him hiding up in a tree. Yes, up in a tree. As in, not behind it, but among the branches.

Another time it was raining, so he decided it would be a good idea to hide under a parked car, both to shelter from the rain and to play our weekly game of hide-n-seek.  I remember on this particular occasion, I was frantic and asked him what would have happened if the owner of that car would have decided to take off, not knowing he was down there and not being able to hear him over the rain.  His answer: ‘ese es amigo mio’.

A few weeks ago I was out walking with Khloe and shared that story with her, to her amusement. I proceeded to tell her how important it is that we operate from a place of belief that God or the universe are always conspiring in our favor. I tried to impress upon her how important it is that we continue on our paths regardless of the obstacles that appear, knowing that the path will be cleared as long as we keep moving forward; that a path will be made where there is none. In all ways, we MUST know where we’re going and maintain our commitment to get there.

God or the universe, whatever that higher power is for you, ARE indeed conspiring in favor of the achievement of your dreams.  If you journey through life knowing full well that this world ‘es amigo mio,’ you’re going to be consistent in the achievement of your dreams.

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