Building Strong Relationships Through Purposeful Networking

Ideal Audience: Sales & Marketing Teams, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Leaders and Associations


Networking has always been a marketing strategy with explosive potential. There's no buy-in, no A/B testing, and all it takes is genuine interest in others. In "Taking Root in the Heart," Berta Medina-Garcia teaches audiences the tools for genuine networking. Audiences will learn to ignite interest through showing interest in others.

They will learn how to shift the focus of networking to include purpose and perspective to change their results and magnify their networking efforts exponentially.

They will discover a suite of questions and listening skills that create emotional connections that last. Through Q&A and interactive exercises, audiences will learn and practice the tools they need to create meaningful connections in the new economy.

Now, more than ever, creating meaningful relationships is an imperative part of running a business. In the era of internet shopping and quick-fixes, many are finding it hard to position themselves. So what do you do when other people are offering exactly the same thing you are? Build relationships.

It's no revelation that "people do business with people they like." But many businesses focus on aggressive marketing and the bottom line. When you treat people like people, something amazing happens. They open up to you, you create genuine connections, and they come to you when they want a product or service they can trust. In the new economy, you need to start at the heart, not at the brain.

The good news is that networking is a methodology. It doesn't require a silver tongue or a deep well of charm. All it takes is the ability to listen, the effort to stay in touch, and a few "tricks" that work to keep you on someone's radar.

A Few More Things...

Recording of Programs: 

You may record Berta’s presentations at no additional charge as long as:

  • No reproduction of the recordings are sold;
  • Any recordings are used for internal and promotional purposes only;
  • Dreamers Succeed will be provided with a copy of any recorded program for promotional use.  

Virtual  Program:

Berta offers a Virtual Program Option where budget limitations do not allow for in-person program fee.  Please contact our office at 954.274.3875 for pricing.


In an effort to facilitate your efforts, Berta proposes a flat travel fee of $750 including flight, hotel and meals for domestic travel (in the U.S.)  For international arrangements, please contact our office at 954.274.3875 for pricing.