The HIGH ACHIEVERS Mastermind™

Brings you closer to astronomical success with professional perspectives, moderated discussions, and an invaluable community of like-minded success seekers.

If you've tried shifting focus, strategizing, and marketing but still can't grow your business -- you might be too close to see what isn't working. The missing ingredient? Perspective!
Many people in the pursuit of a personally (and financially) rewarding business decide to throw in the towel, doubling back to their 9 to 5 routine when the going gets tough. The key ingredient to getting started (and staying) in the race is community.
Advice and support from peers is an invaluable (and often overlooked) part of getting started and sticking things out. That's why we created the High Achievers Mastermind, community encompassing people from all walks of the business world.
Our moderated bi-weekly brainstorming sessions are a growth tool that offers you new ways to see and remedy current problems in your growth plan. Whether you're learning through the experience of other members or you're in the hot-seat, your peers and the double-moderator format provides a focused, constructive way to find new paths to success.


What's the High Achievers Mastermind Like?

  • Brainstorm about business concepts and ideas from peers (and your own)

  • Get help facilitating your plan or concepts 

  • Offer accountability and be held accountable for your goals and plans.

  • Ask for help in promoting and networking your ideas.

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Meetings from your browser or phone

  • Share and celebrate your victories and the successes of others

  • Get access to the masterminds online forum where you can discuss and brainstorm between group meetings.


  • Author-Tribe Book of the Month
  • Complimentary Attendance to Monthly Personal & Professional Self-Development
  • Workshops

$2,500 / Year

(Monthly Payment Options Available)

$225 / Month

Strategy Session

Is a Strategy Session right for you? 

If you know what you want to do but don't know where to begin, a strategy session might be just what you need to finally achieve your goals.

A strategy session gives you the one tool your success depends on most: clarity. When you have an end-goal in mind, you need clarity to see the steps you must take to reach it.

Get clarity on exactly what you want to accomplish instead of guessing your end-goal with vague milestones.

Prioritize small steps to optimize your time for concrete results.

Leave with a detailed plan that, when followed, will lead you straight to your goals -- despite any obstacles or challenges along the way.  

$350 / Session

3-Hour Session

Accountability Success Partnership

Once your strategy is in place, you have a detailed, dependable road map to your dreams.

But the road is often full of bumps, forks, and distractions. So how do you stay on track when you can't seem to follow along consistently?

You need accountability -- it's the stuff success is made of. And the best person to have on your side is an Accountabilibuddy.

The ASP system is a reliability framework that keeps you on track using our social nature. Your accountability partner helps you stick to goals and deadlines through check-ins and discussions.

You may not need coaching, but if you need someone to hold you accountable and get you working on your dreams, this is the program for you.

The ASP program works as a long-term supplement to your strategy session, therefore this is only available to high achievers who have first completed a strategy session.  

$3,000 / Year