Target Audience: Individuals, Associations, Sales and Marketing Teams, Leadership and Management Teams


In "Naked and Unafraid," audiences will learn about what it means to face their fears. They will discover how their biggest worries can become their greatest allies. By being vulnerable, we expose ourselves to the truth. By exploring the truth, we can find viable paths to overcoming our vulnerabilities.

When we flip our fears on their head, we can overcome limiting beliefs and doubts that keep us from achieving more. Audiences will learn to identify these fears and where they came from -- whether from themselves or others.

They will learn a powerful, always-accessible tool to overcoming their fears on a daily basis, one step at a time. This exercise of emotional fortitude turns fears into fuel and motivation to bring them to new heights of personal success.

To create an attitude of resilience and lasting emotional strength, we must first become vulnerable. This isn't the advice most people want to hear. We want the easy answer -- a way to walk around the fire instead of through it. But when we are honest about what scares us and why, we find a deep well of power in our authenticity. This inner strength is unbreakable and infinite, providing us with the resilience to navigate life's toughest challenges.

There are three integral aspects to living a life of purpose. These three crucial parts spell the difference between burning out on chasing success or finding fulfillment in the journey.

The benefits of vision, determination, and perspective are innumerable. Through purpose, we can reclaim our goals and find new paths to achieve more in our professional and personal lives. More important, our goals become endpoints on a journey that challenges and fulfill us along the way. We learn to enjoy where we are instead of where we're going.

Through service, impact, and value, everyone can be a part of something larger, improving the lives of others and finding fulfillment through being an integral part of their community.

A Few More Things...

Recording Of Programs:

You may record Berta’s presentations at no additional charge as long as:

  • No reproduction of the recordings are sold;
  • Any recordings are used for internal and promotional purposes only;
  • Dreamers Succeed will be provided with a copy of any recorded program for promotional use.  

Virtual Program:

Berta offers a Virtual Program Option where budget limitations do not allow for in-person program fee.  Please contact our office at 954.274.3875 for pricing.


In an effort to facilitate your efforts, Berta proposes a flat travel fee of $750 including flight, hotel and meals for domestic travel (in the U.S.)  For international arrangements, please contact our office at 954.274.3875 for pricing.